In 2010, through the generous support of the Tattersalls George Adams Foundation, The Gutsy Group, Inc. committed $80,000 to a clinical study into the prevention of Crohn’s disease after surgery. The research project was titled The Post-Operative Crohns Endoscopic Recurrence (POCER) Study. This project was led by Professor Michael Kamm and DrPeter de Cruz from St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

This project was chosen as it represented a novel approach to a common problem and was the first study of its type. It had the potential to enhance both the clinical and basic science knowledge base regarding the prevention of Crohn’s after surgery. This project was jointly funded with the NMHRC which separately donated $392,000 to the project.

The projects results had the potential to affect clinical practice in the near future. The basic science component of exploring the microbiological reasons why Crohn’s disease may reoccur after an operation has never been studied. The results would also potentially illuminate the underlying mechanisms in the intestinal immune system responsible for causing Crohn’s disease. The study involved over 20 teaching hospitals in Australia and New Zealand over three years.